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Zimbabwe: integrating PSEA into planning

A young boy covers his face with his hands

PSEA has been established as a core priority of Zimbabwe’s 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan. Under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator and with the technical support of a dedicated PSEA Coordinator, the Humanitarian Country Team has ensured that PSEA is incorporated throughout all stages of the planning process. This includes in the inter-cluster review process, plus a review of critical projects by the PSEA Coordinator. Recognizing that PSEA needs to be implemented rapidly and effectively, the 2021 HRP includes a dedicated inter-agency PSEA project to ensure that resources are available for collective PSEA initiatives. This builds on the activation and training of Zimbabwe’s PSEA Steering Committee and PSEA Network, as well as the roll-out of sexual exploitation and abuse reporting standard operating procedures.

UNFPA/Nikita Little