Aid in action

Understanding the severity of needs

A girl sitting next to a shelter kit

To identify gaps and disparities in the humanitarian response and guide humanitarian planning and decision-making, the Access Working Group in Burkina Faso has developed an innovative cross-analysis of data on the perceived severity of access constraints, humanitarian needs and humanitarian response. This has made it possible to systematically assess the appropriateness of response at the commune level (Admin 3) across the HRP coverage area. The analysis highlights two types of priority communes for advocacy and operational focus: communes experiencing severe access constraints, large amounts of needs, and insufficient response (access priorities), and communes with low to moderate access constraints, moderate amounts of needs, and insufficient response (nexus priorities). This systematic and periodic analysis, which informs the 2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview, is a decision-making tool that links access and needs assessments with quarterly response monitoring. This is in order to support strategic and operational decision-making by existing partners and to orient new partners opening in-country emergency response programmes. To access the online visual tool, click here: Combined overview of severity of access/needs and response assessment.

Norway Refugee Council/Innocent Parkouda