Aid in action

Operationalizing humanitarian-development-peace collaboration

Two boys walking oalonger a flooded road

Significant strides were made in 2020 to operationalize the humanitarian-development-peace nexus in Somalia. Led by the Integrated Office of the DSRSG/RC/HC and OCHA under the guidance of the RC/HC, a high-level Nexus Steering Committee is being established informally alongside the Somalia Aid Architecture. The committee will provide advice and direction for the successful implementation of the nexus. On the ground, humanitarian and development actors are making progress on coordinating flood response, mitigation and preparedness measures. Devastating floods are becoming more intense and frequent in Somalia, exacerbated by climate change and causing recurring displacement, income loss and property damage. The response led by the Government, local authorities and the international community addresses the most urgent needs. However, more focus is needed on root causes and longer-term development to enable a sustainable solution. A Water and Flood Task Force was formed, bringing together humanitarian and development actors, including Government officials and donors, to develop a road map on flood response. It aims to improve humanitarian-development coordination, assess future flood response priorities, and identify best practice opportunities on flood mitigation and river management. This will include a coordinated approach to determine whether activities sit under the HRP or the UN Cooperation Framework.

UN Photo/Ilyas Ahmed