Aid in action

Focus on the environment

A refugee treks along a major road

The RMRP for the Venezuela situation is the first of its kind to integrate the cross-cutting theme of the environment into its regional response. Building on the 2020 experience, this is developed through sectoral analysis using an environmental lens. This helps determine environmental problems faced by refugees and migrants from Venezuela, as well as the environmental impact of the response. Building on thematic guidance notes developed by the Regional Platform's Environment Focal Point, it has been a requirement for all R4V partners to complete an environmental self-assessment as part of their participation in the RMRP, and it will be complemented by environmental assessments throughout the year. This focus is part of a wider incorporation of key cross-cutting themes throughout the work of the Regional Platform jointly with mainstreamed considerations for PSEA, AAP, Gender and Centrality of Protection. In the picture, a caminante treks along a public road. Many make this journey with just a light jacket, rubber flip flops and a small backpack with the most essential items they manage to carry.

IOM/Muse Mohammed