Aid in action

DRC: including the needs of persons with disabilities in humanitarian planning

An old woman with disability

The humanitarian community in DRC continues to strengthen the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the humanitarian programme cycle. An analysis of barriers encountered by persons with disabilities, carried out with 177 humanitarian partners, showed a lack of attention to the specific needs of this population group in humanitarian operations. It also revealed a lack of inclusive data and low participation of people affected in humanitarian action. Based on those observations, there was a series of recommendations and practical actions: The creation of a network of focal points to ensure inclusion in different sectors; Training of 363 humanitarian actors on disabilities and inclusion; Establishing focus groups with organizations of persons with disabilities; Mainstreaming their needs in analysis and response.

In 2021, efforts will continue through the development of inclusive sectoral strategies, action plans and tools, trainings and inclusive data-collection tools. Project proposals will be analysed to make them disability-inclusive. The participation of persons with disabilities in the technical support to operational actors will be encouraged, a joint handicap and age analysis will be carried out, and a knowledge, attitude and practice study will be undertaken.

OCHA/Eve Sabbagh