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Analyzing the impact of COVID-19

A health worker traces contact amongst local villagers

An analysis of COVID-19 impact was undertaken to evaluate the epidemic’s influence on humanitarian needs and operations in DRC. When the epidemic emerged in the country in March 2020, a rapid survey, was launched and responded to by 149 humanitarian partners. This analysis of the immediate impact of preventive measures on humanitarian activities showed that 80% of partners had been directly affected and had to reduce movements or presence in the field. The results were used for advocacy to ensure access to areas most affected by the humanitarian crisis. Six months later, a second survey was launched to update the analysis. The analysis was more comprehensive and focused on COVID-19 impact on (i) humanitarian operations (access, operational capacities) (ii) services & systems (access to health, WASH, nutrition, education & protection services) (iii) persons (protection incidents, food insecurity, coping mechanisms). 234 organizations participated in the survey which was completed by a qualitative analysis of secondary data available on the specific impact of COVID-19 epidemic in DRC. It contributed to strengthen the intersectoral analysis of needs in the framework of the HNO 2021.

WHO/Junior Kannah